Colouring Services

With professional training and experience over in the past five years, I will use these skills to carry the lessons learned onto your project, no matter what medium it is aimed at. This can range from optimising it for a particular distribution platform, changing the tone to make the film consistent with it's genre, adding a new layer to your film to make it more engaging to the viewer or a combination of all three. My experience in colour - which ranges from experimental shorts to horror, will be applied to your project in order to enhance the viewing experience of your audience and to achieve the creative vision you have for the project.

Bring me onto your project and you will get:

  • A fast and reliable colourist who excels with creative references.
  • Constant links to exported drafts.
  • Changelogs to track progress.
  • A communicative colourist who works with other people in the production and post-production team to deliver the best possible product.
  • Backups of previous versions and previous project files are saved for further development and creative opportunities.


Do you have any questions or inquiries about the services on offer? Feel free to contact me here and I'll get straight back to you.